The University of California Drug Discovery Consortium (UC DDC) is an initiative supported by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) to assist faculty researchers in the creation of drugs to address important unmet medical needs. UC DCC facilitates access to drug discovery resources across all UC campuses. Financial support for UC DCC is made available through a Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives (MRPI) award.

A key activity of UC DDC is to provide seed funding that will enable faculty members with promising ideas to advance drug discovery or drug development projects. The projects may be a spin-off or progression of the faculty member’s basic science research. Data generated with seed funding from UC DCC is intended to position the faculty member to pursue federal, philanthropic or commercial support to further advance the drug discovery effort. The seed funding can be used to support drug discovery activities of the faculty member and also to access core drug discovery resources at any University of California campus. UC DCC will provide grantees with advice and mentoring on how best to pursue drug discovery and development for their chosen project.

Projects from any therapeutic area are invited. Projects seeking to develop small molecules or biologicals are eligible. The tasks to be undertaken can range from early target identification and high throughput screening to the later stages of non-clinical development. The seed funding program is not intended to support clinical research. Principal investigators must be employed at one of the MRPI grant campuses: Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco.

The second funding cycle of the UC DCC seed grant program will provide one year of support beginning late Fall, 2018. Funding must be spent within 1 year. Grants will only be renewed in exceptional circumstances. Awardees will be invited to present at the annual UC DDC Symposium.

Letter of Intent: May 10, 2019 5p.m. PST.
Application for 2019 seed funding: June 28, 2019, 5 p.m. PST.